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There’s interest in Round-Up City development

Community Development Director Tim Simons

PENDLETON, Oregon – There are several projects underway to provide housing and commercial development to the city of Pendleton. Meanwhile, Community Development Director Tim Simons says the city is always fielding inquiries from developers who are thinking about projects.

One example of that is land behind Rooster’s Restaurant on Southgate. A person who owned the property and wanted to develop a small shopping center sold the property and the new owner is working on his plan for the land.

“They’ve initiated the planning approval process for an apartment complex,” Simons said. “It’s about 18 units that would be on the Perkins side of that property with a small commercial building up front.”

Simons said that a recent inquiry was made about the old Bi-Mart building near Red Lion.

“This week, we’ve had someone call just wanting to know what the zoning is (and) is there going to need to be some planning approvals with regards to what they had in mind,” Simons said. “They said they were considering possibly a small truck stop/gas station/mini-mart kind of facility.”

Simons said developers are also expressing interest in the acreage near Harris Junior Academy. The owner of that land completed the permitting procedure to create a subdivision of single-family homes and now has put that land on the market.


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