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School board takes care of business

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton School District Board of Directors took care of a great deal of business in its meeting Monday night, the last meeting before the current fiscal year ends.

In a special meeting at 5:45 p.m., the school board approved a budget for the new year that totals almost $50 million. That spending plan was the result of budget committee meetings. The budget is available on the Pendleton School District’s website.

Immediately after that meeting, the directors began their regular session. On the agenda was a labor agreement with the district’s largest group of employees, the teachers union.

“We negotiated with the Pendleton Association of Teachers and we were able to get a three-year agreement with that group, and of course that’s our largest of our employee groups,” Superintendent Chris Fritsch said.

The first and second years of the agreement will bring the teachers 3.5 percent increases. In the third year the increase will be two percent. There are other benefits provided in the agreement, which Fritsch says are essential to keeping and attracting the best employees.

“We try to provide a fair, equitable, and really competitive compensation package for our employees to help bring quality people to our area,” Fritsch said.

He added that similar agreements were reached and approved by the board for both the administrative and confidential staff. Confidential employees are those who are not administrators and work in the school district office.

The board also approved changes to the contract for Fritsch himself. He will receive a two percent increase, which puts his annual salary at $141,113 for the coming year.


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