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Money in the bag? Bill would ban plastic bags, charge for paper bags

SALEM, Oregon — Forgetting to bring your own bags to the grocery store could cost you a nickel per bag under legislation being considered by the Oregon Senate this week. House Bill 2509 B would ban plastic bags and require grocery stores, restaurants and other retailrs to offer reusable or paper bags and charge at least five cents per bag.

The bill already pass the House in April and State Rep. David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) is asking members of the Senate to rethink the mandatory nickel on the bags.

“Forcing these establishments to charge for these bags is something that needs to be changed,” Brock Smith said.

State Rep. Paul Evans (D-Monmouth) said, “this might actually be a little bit of a revenue stream to help the locals in that fight.”

The Legislature already passed a bill this session that prevents restaurants from offering plastic straws unless requested by customers.

HB 2509 B is scheduled for a Senate vote this week.


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