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Council to consider revising public services municipal code and finish cycle track

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – The College Place City Council will consider a motion to revise the language in the city’s public services municipal code at its regular meeting tonight at 7.

City Administrator Mike Rizzitiello said the language cleans up the city’s utility code relating to water, wastewater and stormwater.

“The water and wastewater sections date to 1987 and have outdated RCW references. Also, the current code lacks a formal water conservation code. The current code just says we have the ability to require conservation but not what the stages are. The only changes on the stormwater section is prohibited discharges, animal waste into streams (required of the state Department of Ecology), and so forth,” Rizzitiello added.

The council will also consider a motion to adopt a resolution authorizing Mayor Harvey Crowder to sign the Transportation Improvement Board Grant Agreement for the 4Bikes project, which will continue the cycle track down the south side of Fourth Street from Davis to College Avenue. This project will also fix broken sidewalk panels, install ADA sidewalk ramps, and install pedestrian street lighting similar to what appears on College Avenue.

According to the historical perspective included in tonight’s city council agenda, City Administrator Mike Rizzitiello ran this project past Walla Walla University since in order to accommodate street lamps the city needs some donations of easements. During the week of May 28th, WWU agreed to support this project and give the needed easements.


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