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City saves on new budget

HERMISTON, Oregon – The Hermiston City Council has approved its budget for the new fiscal year that begins July 1. Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan says they’re spending less in the new year than was budgeted this year.

“Total for all funds the budget this year is approximately $55 million, which is a decrease compared to last year of about $1 million,” Morgan said. “The main source of the decrease overall is finishing off a couple of capital projects.”

One of those capital projects saw the construction of the Harkenrider Senior Citizens Center, he said. Meanwhile, the city has budgeted to cover the growing cost of the Public Employees Retirement Service. Morgan said they are waiting to see if any solution will come from actions by the Oregon Legislature, the voters, or the courts; but they planned the 2019-20 budget for the full amount.

“We saw an increase of approximately 25 percent on our PERS costs year over year in the general fund, which included almost a $200,000 increase just form the police department alone,” he said.


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