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CA parents visit WA and OR hoping to set world-record with newborn

Photo courtesy Evelyn Explores

WALLA WALLA, Washington – Being first time parents can be challenging, but when you add traveling in an RV with your newborn baby and add a dog to the mix – some people might ask, “What are you thinking?”

For Ron and Jenna Woods, married high school sweethearts from Los Angeles, California, the two began an epic family adventure on March 17 to explore the United States, but with a unique twist.

They traded in their downtown Los Angeles lifestyle to travel to all 50 states to potentially set a world record for their four month old daughter, Evelyn, to be the youngest verified person to visit every state by her fifth month.

“The current verified record is an adorable little girl name Harper Yeats who is Canadian/Australian and she was almost 6 months when she finished,” Jenna said.

She added there are strict requirements for a world record.

“Photos are not enough, because they can technically be manipulated,” Jenna explained.  So they’re using a customized GPS tracker to prove their route and timeline.

“After a difficult pregnancy and delivery we decided we needed to take a life pause to make these memorable months together matter. We didn’t want to miss a single step of her life so we planned this crazy adventure,” the Woods’ shared on their website,

“Evelyn will turn 5 months on June 26th and we will round out our final 50th state in Alaska just before then,” Jenna said.

With only two states to go, the Woods visited Washington last Thursday and Friday.

“Washington is gorgeous in the late springtime.  Evelyn discovered she does not like raindrops fallin’ on her head.  Also, we passed through Walla Walla, Washington. And now we can’t stop saying Walla Walla, Washington,” Jenna shared.  “Walla Walla was so beautiful, plush vineyards and sweeping hills.  We had no idea!”

The Woods then drove through Oregon.

“Oregon was such an interesting and beautiful state. Somehow we saved some of the most scenic drives for our last of the 48 contingent US states. Sprawling forests and canopies of green lush tunnels above the roads were everywhere we looked. The mountainous gorges and canyons were filled with wildflowers and deer and more evergreens than you could ever imagine,” Jenna shared. ⁣

The Woods invite you to follow their journey at their Facebook page, Evelyn Explores.

“Our hope was to inspire others to get out, to take adventures even if they have kids,” Jenna explained.  “It has been such a wild ride, but so incredibly fulfilling and fun.  We are humbled beyond belief by our journey.”

Photo courtesy Evelyn Explores

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