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Bill aims to help you dodge deer

Mule Deer on the John Day River. Photo via ODFW

SALEM, Oregon — Gov. Kate Brown has signed a bill that will supposedly help reduce vehicle collisions with animals. Oregon has the highest rate of vehicle vs. wildlife collisions on the West Coast with more than 7,000 animals struck every year.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Rachel Wheat said they will map migration patterns under the new provision. Wheat said it will help them track the movements of more than 60 species of wildlife for the next three years.

Mac Lynde, with the Oregon Department of Transportation, said the program will protect people and animals.

With nearly a thousand injuries resulting from the collisions, the migration mapping will help ODOT track patterns with other agencies and make plans to reduce the crashes and eliminate the danger to people and animals. Efforts would include thinning trees and brush along roadways and creating underpasses for larger animals.


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