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Walden applauds renewable energy facility

MORROW COUNTY, Oregon — New technology being developed in Oregon will allow solar power to work at night and wind energy to work when there isn’t wind. The Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility near Boardman will use newly-developed batteries to store electricity from wind and solar power.

“We can harness the surplus — wind or solar energy — put it in a battery,” U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) said. “Then make it available when you need it, so you can store it.”

Walden said action needs to be taken to stop climate change, but not at a cost that will hurt the economy.

“If you heard what happened in France and other countries — they have double the electricity rates in France,” Walden said. “Germany has triple the electricity rates as we do.”

Walden said technology is being developed that will allow small nuclear reactors to produce power for thousands of homes with zero emissions. As Congress moves forward with bills to deal with climate change, Walden says technology can bring new solutions, but the cost to the consumer also needs to be considered, so it doesn’t slow the economy.



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