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Foundry helps the city save historic branch

Walla Walla will save its historic tree limb in Pioneer Park by casting it in bronze. Photo courtesy of the city of Walla Walla.

WALLA WALLA, Washington – Something is missing in Pioneer Park near the historic bandstand. The tree limb many have had their picture taken on is gone. Parks and Recreation Director Andy Coleman said the tree limb was in poor health, so it was removed last month.

While the tree limb may be gone, the city does have plans to ensure it will live on.

“It’s a pretty cool project that I got to kind of shake my head at that we’re actually making this happen,” Coleman said.

The project was suggested by City Manager Nabiel Shawa. He and Coleman met with Mark Anderson of Walla Walla Foundry to explore having the limb cast in bronze

“An out-there idea, but a good one,” Coleman said. “Mark loved the idea. He grew up in Walla Walla and had an opportunity to play on that limb when he was a kid. He agreed to cast that limb in bronze.”

The limb was taken off a few weeks ago and was carefully preserved.

“We couldn’t let it hit the ground and get damaged anymore,” Coleman said. “We wanted to keep it intact. The plan is to have it back in place, attached to the tree, by Arbor Day (April) 2020.”

Coleman said Anderson agreed to cover the costs of casting the tree limb in bronze.


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