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Oregon House unanimously passes ‘Kaylee’s Law’

The late Kaylee Sawyer via Redmond Police Department.

SALEM, Oregon – Colleges with campus security will have to make changes under a bill headed to Governor Kate Brown.

It’s called Kaylee’s Law.  It was written following the murder of Kaylee Sawyer by a security worker at Central Oregon Community College.

“He eventually drove her to a low part of campus where she was assaulted and murdered,” State Representative Cheri Helt (R-Bend) explained.

Helt said the campus security vehicle looked like a police car and had a Plexiglass enclosure in the back where Sawyer was trapped.  State Representative Jeff Barker (D-Aloha) said security workers are not police officers.

“Only a police officer should look like police,” Barker said.

The bill will also require campus security workers to undergo background checks and psychological exams  And, if a campus security officer finds evidence of a crime, they’re require to call police and turn over evidence to officers.


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