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WW polls residents for street fix priorities

WALLA WALLA, Washington – The city of Walla Walla’s website has a new page that provides information about the street repair process and notifies residents about a poll through which they can select a roadway to be repaired next month. A video has also been launched to tout the page.

“After surveying people nationwide last year about the condition of their streets, Domino’s Pizza chose Walla Walla as the recipient of its Paving for Pizza award in Washington,” City of Walla Walla Communications Manager Brenden Koch stated in a news release.  “The reward was $5,000 to spend on asphalt for road repair.”

After discussing possible places to use the funds, public works and communications staff decided to involve the public in the decision.

According to Koch, the city assembled a list of five local, frequently complained-about roadways that would benefit from $5,000 worth of asphalt, and are now asking area residents to vote on which street they would prefer to see fixed up.

The five potential streets, and the work that would be performed on them, are:

  • Rees Avenue, from Fourth Avenue   to Sixth Avenue: Grind/remove/pave westbound lane.
  • Highland Road, from Ping Street to Lancer Drive: Pre-level and overlay approximately 200 feet of roadway shoulder to shoulder.
  • Home Avenue, from city limits just north of Bryant Avenue to Chestnut Drive: Shoulder-to-shoulder repair/paving.
  • Sturm Avenue, from Shelton Road to Studebaker Drive: Repair/pave shoulder to shoulder.
  • School Avenue, from Pleasant Street to Loubeck Street: Grind/repair/pave southbound side.

“Based on posts by locals on social media, and feedback the city receives through its website, the city is very aware residents are dissatisfied with the condition of many of the roads in town,” Koch stated.  “These comments also indicate the city has inadequately communicated why it decides which roads to upgrade or repair; the financial and regulative limits placed on this work; where funds are obtained for repairs and new construction; and the extent of the road work we have completed in recent years.”

With this in mind, the city’s new informational web page intends to help educate residents about how, why, and when the city prioritizes, selects, funds, plans, and carries out road maintenance and construction.

The city plans to post daily voting updates on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. The city’s Street Division will perform the stated repairs on the roadway that receives the most votes as of 11:59:59 p.m. on May 31. The repairs will be performed on June 18, 19, or 20, depending on weather conditions.

Domino’s Pizza’s corporate office provided the city with branded magnets to place on city equipment during the repair work; signs to place on roadwork frames; decals and other promotional materials to use during the repair process; and stencils to use on the new section(s) of asphalt that, in chalk, will say, “Paving for Pizza” and “Oh yes, we did.” Koch added that the owner of the local Domino’s Pizza franchise, Matthew McCluskey, is planning a promotional event to take place at the site of the road work during the final stages of repair.

“This could include things like free samples, coupons and other giveaways, and more,” Koch stated.  “City public works staff also plan to be on hand to discuss the complexities of street repair with attendees.”

The city will release additional details about this event — which will be open to the public —once the street has been decided and the work date identified.

Click on to visit the new street-repair web page and view the new video.


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