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Investigation into graffiti continues

MCB photo by Tim Mustoe

PENDLETON, Oregon – Profanity-laden graffiti was left on the River Parkway and around the Pendleton Round-Up Grounds Wednesday afternoon. Chief Stuart Roberts says police are investigating and adds that there’s no obvious evidence that the graffiti was the work of a gang.

“Somebody probably found a can of spray paint and got after it, so to speak,” he said. “There’s a lot of reference to Pendleton High School. There’s a sense that either it’s a current or past student that has some history there.”

Roberts said a large portion of the area in question is not covered by surveillance cameras, but areas of ingress and egress are. The problem is some of those cameras are not currently operational because the city is installing new cameras.

“Some are up, some are down,” he said. “The system’s up and down periodically until they get the cameras replaced or while they’re in the process of replacing them.”

Roberts asked that anyone with any information about the graffiti call and let police know. Call dispatch at 541-966-3650 and select option 1.


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