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Council to take road repair concepts to the people

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton City Council continued its discussion Tuesday night on concepts aimed at bringing more money into street repair. Several options are being considered, and Public Works Director Bob Patterson stresses that it’s up to the citizens to guide the council in the right direction.

“The city council is planning to go out to their constituents and ask the constituents for feedback on what direction they think the council would best be served to go,” he said.

The council is trying to find an additional $1 million in funding to help bring all of the city streets into good condition. The concepts they are considering include a gas tax, an income tax, an entertainment ticket fee, an increase in the street utility fee and a beverage container fee.

If the council decides to pin its expectations on a gas tax, the issue would have to be approved by the voters. Patterson said that would mean getting the process complete in time to make the ballot for the May election.

“The schedule for city council is really to try to reach out to constituents, put this package together, and have the discussion by Dec. 1,” he said.

Patterson discussed in detail all of the funding sources being explored for street repair on Tuesday’s KUMA Coffee Hour. To listen go to

Also at the council work session, there was an update on the progress of construction for the new fire station. The emergency systems that are being put in place will be tested for kinks before staff moves to the new location. The move-in date is expected to be in late July or August. An open house for the community to tour the new fire station will be held in late September.


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