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Funland will rise from the ashes

Courtesy City of Hermiston

HERMISTON, Oregon – The community came together at this week’s Hermiston City Council meeting to ensure that Hermiston’s Funland Playground at Butte Park is rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire last week. Police Chief Jason Edmiston said the effort will be led by Mayor David Drotzman.

“The mayor will put together a task force to plan on the rebuild and hopefully have a design and funding in place by the fall,” he said. “The goal is to have it up by this time next year.”

The task force will be comprised of community members, members of the city council, and other city officials. While that work begins, Edmiston said his department is still working to determine what sparked the fire.

Fire Marshal Scott Goff, who is currently out of town, has not announced if he has determined the cause of the fire. Police are treating the fire as a criminal investigation, and are following leads. The investigators are holding those details close.

“We’re just trying to be very careful with what we say, follow the information where it takes us and, hopefully, something will break from this,” Edmiston said.

Funland was destroyed by arson in 2001 and rebuilt. The person or persons responsible for that fire were never caught.


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