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Bills advance in Oregon Legislature that would increase school funding

SALEM, Oregon — Oregon schools would see significant increases in funding under two bills that advanced in the Oregon Legislature.

State Representative Susan McLain (D-Hillsboro) said the school fund budget increases nearly 10 percent.

“It recommends a budget of $9 billion total funds for the state’s school fund — a historic investment for our children,” McLain said.

The House also passed a bill to manage the $1 billion that will come if a gross receipts tax is created.  State Representative Christine Drazan (R-Canby) said it was rushed through committee.

“When it came to our committee we had less than an hour of presentations on this committee and we worked it in in less than five minutes,” Drazan explained.

The bill allocates money to three accounts that include reducing class sizes, expanding pre-kindergarten and money to fund career and technical programs when voters approved Measure 98.

The bill now moves to the Oregon Senate.


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