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Council to consider grant to fill sidewalk gaps

College Place City Hall

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – The College Place City Council will consider doing something about sidewalk gaps and, in a related matter, consider a motion to sign a statement of acceptance letter for a Washington Traffic Safety Commission School Walk Route Improvement Project Grant.

Sidewalk gaps throughout the city have been a problem for a long time as pedestrians must use the roadway to walk. The areas lacking sidewalks are primarily concentrated around College Avenue.

The state of Washington has released a call for projects for its Community Development Block Grant program. City staff developed prioritized sidewalk areas based on a three requirements: connectivity, existence of partial sidewalks, and being beneficial to the residents in the specific area.

The streets recommended for the application are the north side of Second Street from Davis to about three quarters of the way down the block; the east side of Davis Street from Whitman Drive to Second Street; the west side of Bade Street from Fifth Street to Sixth Street; the west side of Bade street from Seventh to 10th, and from 12th to 13th streets; and the north side of 12th Street from College Avenue to Bade Street. It was also noted that Walla Walla University is donating right-of-way for sidewalk segments on Davis and Bade.

City staff estimates the total cost would be around $350,200. CDBG grants do not require a local match. City staff has recommended to the city council that a public hearing on the grant applications be held this month as grant applications are due June 5th. Notification of who gets awarded grants will be in late September.

Also on the agenda, the city council will consider a motion to sign a statement of acceptance of award letter, provided by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission for a School Walk Route Improvement Project Grant, which was awarded to the city of College Place for $67,500, which is 100 percent of the funding request. The city will be required to match 10 percent or $7,500.00 for the project upon signing the letter. Funding from this award can only be used for preliminary engineering studies and designs, meaning no actual construction.

The engineering department plans to manage two contracts concurrently, one being the awarded grant funding through WTSC and the second being a bid-awarded consultant, who will be the entity conducting the preliminary engineering studies and designs.

The College Place City Council will hold its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.


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