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City council rolls up its sleeves for a work session

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton City Council has a work session at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the John Brenne Room at city hall. There are three items on the agenda.

The council will discuss its next steps in developing a plan for more revenues to adequately fund street repairs. Although more money than ever is being earmarked for that purpose in the next budget, $1.2 million dollars, it is only about half the amount needed to be able to bring all of the city’s streets up to good condition over the next several years.

Staff will update the city council on the progress being made with the construction of the new fire station. The report will also include the use of the projected bond funds that remain for the project.

The third item is an annual report from the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution on the development of a work crew program that would allow minimum security inmates to leave the prison walls to work on city projects. While there is no program in place at present, the city has employed the use of Two Rivers Correctional Institution inmates from Umatilla on some projects.


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