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Road reopens after mysterious washout

Shoreline Drive cleanup operation photo courtesy of the USACE

BURBANK, Washington – Shoreline Drive is back open after crews from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cleared off most of the mud from Monday’s washout. The road, which winds along the south side of the Snake River between Ice Harbor Dam and Charbonneau Park, was also inspected for any stability issues.

Both the USACE and Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office still aren’t certain where the water came from.

“I did not hear where the water actually came from,” Walla Walla County Undersheriff Joe Klundt said.  “The water was shut off soon after the discovery of the damage.”

The corps was also mystified.

“We didn’t find the source,” USACE public affairs specialist Gina Baltrusch said. “Union Pacific was out there assessing the damage.”

According to Union Pacific spokesman Tim McMahan, there was a washout involving about 30 feet of UP tracks.

“A number of trains were delayed until the track went back into service at noon the same day,” he said.


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