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City grapples with major street project dispute

C Street in College Place. (Photo courtesy of City of College Place)

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – A bid dispute may have temporarily put the brakes on a major street project within city limits. Mayor Harvey Crowder said the city went out for a contractor request for proposals on the C Street project for which the city received four submissions.

“We chose a contractor, then one of the contracting companies that weren’t (sic) selected appealed based on the fact they think there needed to be a certified electrical subcontractor to lay conduit for internet,” Crowder said.

According to Crowder, the city looked into the matter and decided to rebid the project.

“We rejected all the bids,” Crowder said. “I think we put out the RFP again and we’ll look at that. That will slow down the process by a month to six weeks.”

Crowder said the concern now is since there’s so much construction involved in the C Street project the paving may not be done until late in the season.

“That runs some risks for the quality of asphalt,” Crowder explained.

He’s hopeful the paving can be completed before daytime temperatures drop below 45 degrees in the fall.


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