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UPDATE: Officers go door-to-door in McKay Creek neighborhoods

Pendleton Community Park (MCB photo by Butch Thurman)

PENDLETON, Oregon – Police and fire department officials are going door-to-door in the McKay Creek area of Pendleton. Police Chief Stuart Roberts says there are no evacuations being issued as yet, but plans are ready in case they are needed. Emergency exits have been opened, and city officials are also keeping a close eye on flows at the wastewater treatment plant.

Police are helping residents who have improperly sandbagged their property. He said the sandbags need to be placed at the foundation of the home, not at property lines. Access to the area is now also being limited to residents of the area. People driving into the neighborhood just to stand on the banks and look at the creek created safety concerns.

The two sandbagging stations have been merged into one and moved to a location that’s easier to access. Roberts said it is located at the intersection of St. Anthony Way and Highway 395.

Roberts said that a decision will be made at a meeting early this afternoon as to whether flows from the reservoir need to be increased, due to anticipated heavy rain today as well as rain the coming week.

Power outages are a problem because Pacific Power has some underground locations that can’t be worked on until the water recedes.

Roberts reported that earlier this morning there was only six inches of clearance between the creek and Struve Bridge. If evacuations become necessary, emergency routes are open. They are normally gated off.


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