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PPD issues evacuation notices IF NEEDED

Water is entering homes on Southwest 41st Street. (MCB photo by Butch Thurman)

NO EVACUATION NOTICES HAVE BEEN ISSUED. Pendleton Police Department has posted evacuation routes for people to study in the “unlikely event” that evacuations will be necessary.

Southwest 44th Street on the WEST side of McKay Creek at the west side of Struve Bridge will proceed south on Korvola Road. (Emphasis is placed on not crossing McKay Creek.)

Southwest 44th west of the creek.



Southwest 41st Street on the EAST side of McKay Creek will follow the map below proceeding to the southeast.

Southwest 41st east of the creek.

Southwest Kirk Extension on the EAST side of Struve Bridge and 37th Street will proceed northeast to Southwest Hailey Avenue.

Southwest Kirk Extension east of Struve Bridge.

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