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Oregon Legislature considers regulating diesel pollution

SALEM, Oregon — The Oregon Legislature is considering new air pollution regulations for medium and heavy duty trucks with diesel engines. New diesel engines are designed to burn cleaner, but that’s not the case for older engines and they last a long time.

Sen Kathleen Taylor (D-Milwaukie) said the dirty diesel pollution is dangerous.

“Breathing this regularly can result in a number of health risks including lung cancer,” Taylor said.

The bill under consideration would not impact off road and farm equipment with diesel engines, but it would affect other big rigs.

Jim Geisinger with Associated Oregon Loggers said combined with the transportation bill and carbon reduction it would be tough to take another hit.

“Do not put one more nail in our coffin, because I don’t know how many more we can tolerate,” Geisinger said.

Supporters say the dirty diesel is a problem in metro areas and any one living along a highway or freeway.


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