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Jenkin bill for safer work zones passes

Rep. Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser

OLYMPIA, Washington – A bill modifying current provisions relating to how drivers approach emergency and work zone vehicles was unanimously approved by the state House of Representatives.

“This bill was initially brought to my attention by tow truck drivers,” Rep. Bill Jenkin (R-Prosser) said. “I didn’t realize the amount of deaths that had been involved with the motorists hitting the tow truck drivers – it’s scary.”

House Bill 1469 would require drivers passing an emergency or work zone vehicle to reduce their speed, change lanes and move away from the vehicle.

“What this bill does it puts them in the same classification as other emergency responders or first responders,” Jenkin said. “What this law says is you slow down at least 10 miles per hour when you’re going by and can’t get over. The best thing still is to move over a lane, but if you can’t, slow down a little bit and that will save some lives.”

Jenkin’s bill now moves to the Senate Transportation Committee for hearings and further consideration.


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