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Brown wants postage-free elections

Photo illustration via Photopin.

SALEM, Oregon — Oregonians wouldn’t have to put a stamp on a ballot for an election if Governor Kate Brown gets her way. Brown wants the state to cover mailing the ballots. Currently, if you mail a ballot in Oregon it needs a 55 cent stamp.

“The stamp is a functional barrier for voters with disabilities or rural voters who live far from any dropbox,” Brown said.

The state of Washington is paying postage for its ballots and Governor Brown wants Oregon to do the same.

“We have to take further action to ensure voter accessibility,” Brown added.

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office has been working with the U.S. Postal Service to find the fastest way to get the pre-paid ballots through the mail and to election offices.

The cost for an average year’s worth of elections would be $1.5 million dollars.


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