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School district budget waits for Salem

PENDLETON, Oregon – Pendleton School District 16R is in a holding pattern over the budget that will begin July 1. Administrators are waiting to hear the amount the Oregon Legislature will earmark for public education.

“Right now, we’re building a budget on being able to maintain what we have; but we’re hopeful, like so many people around the state, that there might be more income revenue coming into the K-12 system,” Superintendent Chris Fritsch said.

For a decade, the school district had to whittle down services and personnel as funding for education decreased steadily. If more money is forthcoming from Salem, Fritsch would like to turn that around.

“We’re operating with about 30 people less than we did 10 years ago,” he said. “One of my priorities would be if we could hire back 30 people, I think we could be in a pretty good place.”

Gov. Kate Brown’s proposed budget would add $2 billion to the public education budget.


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