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New superintendent contract is on the agenda

Chris Fritsch via the Pendleton School District

PENDLETON, Oregon – At last report, the Pendleton School District Board of Directors is going ahead with its meeting at 6 p.m. today at district headquarters. One of the items on the agenda is a new contract for Superintendent Chris Fritsch.

The board is considering offering Fritsch a contract that will last through 2021 with an annual salary of $138,346 for the first year and a to-be-determined salary for each remaining school year that will at least meet the first-year amount. Fritsch became superintendent. He too the reins in 2017 and has received strong assessments from the school board since then.

The directors will vote on approving Kirby Nagelhout Construction to install a greenhouse at Pendleton High School. The agenda packet did not list the amount this project will cost, but states that it will be paid for by Measure 98 High School Success funds.

The board will also hear and vote on the proposed InterMountain Education Service District local service plan. The enrollment report will be delivered to the board. It indicates there were 32 fewer students this month than were enrolled in January.

Several policy changes are scheduled to be considered. One is a new policy, governing the use of unmanned aircraft systems for educational purposes.


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