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City council hits the road

WALLA WALLA, Washington – With renovations currently underway at Walla Walla City Hall, council members will literally be on the move through March. The city has released the schedule for the February and March community open houses and city council meetings. All four meetings will begin at 6 p.m., but will be held at different locations.

Feb. 13: Green Park Elementary School

Feb. 27: Walla Walla High School

March 13: Blue Ridge Elementary School

March 27: Edison Elementary School

Mayor Barbara Clark says the meetings are being held in each of the four new wards.  The open houses, which will be held before the formal meetings, will explain the new council election system, a partial ward election system that divides the city into four sections.

This year, two councilors will be elected from the west and east wards along with two at-large members. In 2021, two additional members will be selected form the north and south wards, with one at-large council seat.

Clark hopes residents will show up to the meetings since there will be information about each ward. The meetings are open to all people, whether they live in that particular ward or not.

“It’s basically a chance to learn about city government in regards to its various aspects,” Clark said. “One of the things we’ll do is have tables; the directors of the various departments in the city will be there. If you have questions about the library, the streets or whatever – you’ll have an opportunity to talk to the staff director of that department and find out how things are going.”

In December, the city approved a $72,000 dollar contract for improvements and safety upgrades to the council chambers in the Walla Walla City Hall.


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