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Oregon lawmakers revisit worker protections for off hours pot use

SALEM, Oregon — Marijuana is legal in Oregon, but if you’re place of work has a testing program you can be fired if you use it.

Oregon legislators are now working on a bill that attempts to change that.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana is detected in your blood days or weeks after it’s used.

Casey Houlihan is executive director of the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA) and said this bill would prevent employers from firing employees for off hours use of marijuana.  He supports the proposal and said he’s open to amendments which make legislation more clearly about off-hours consumption and impairment of marijuana.

Rob Bovett with the Oregon Association of Counties said the Supreme Court has ruled against this, but they left room for another try.

“They left this door open They didn’t say it would fly.  They said it might fly,” Bovett clarified.

He says the bill isn’t specific enough.  It doesn’t exempt workers, like commercial truck drivers, who are covered by federal laws.  Several other industries where work can be dangerous opposed the bill.


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