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Legislature to consider exporting pot

SALEM, Oregon – Oregon is inundated with too much legally grown marijuana, raising fears that it is spilling over into the black market, and causing economic concern because it’s driving down the price of legal weed. A moratorium has been placed on licensing marijuana producers, but experts say it’s too little too late.

Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts says he’s worried about the way lawmakers think they can handle the marijuana glut.

“One of the things that I’ve heard kind of bouncing around is that there’s potentially a bill that will be proposed this session that allows for the exportation of Oregon marijuana,” Roberts said.

Roberts said the state is already showing it’s not equipped to regulate marijuana within the state. He believes there is little chance the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would somehow suddenly be able to regulate an export commodity.

“It’s a finger-in-the-dike scenario where you may be creating more problems for yourself than you’re solving,” he said.

Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) has come out in support of exporting Oregon marijuana to other states where it’s legal, as has the Cannabis Consortium. Opponents of the proposal say it’s just an ill-disguised attempt to keep marijuana out of the black market.


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