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Adi’s Act would fight teen suicide

This photo of the Oregon Capitol Rotunda dome is by M.O. Stevens – Own work, Public Domain,

SALEM, Oregon – The Oregon Legislature is considering several bills to combat teen suicide and bullying. One of them is Adi’s Act.

Christine Staub of Portland told legislators about her daughter Adi, who had disclosed she was transgender. Several instances of bullying caused her to become suicidal and she wrote about it in an English paper. Staub was chilled by the teacher’s comments.

“Tragically, in response, she alludes to minor grammatical suggestions,” Staub said. “The teacher did not reach out to us or report it to the administration.” Staub said.

Adi Staub took her own life in 2017. Oregon is one of few states that doesn’t have a suicide prevent plan in public schools. Adi’s Bill would require such plans be developed.

“We need to recognize crying for help and to reduce suicidality for LGBTQ youth or any young person who feels marginalized,” Staub said.

Adi’s Act, Senate Bill 52, had its first public hearing before the Senate Education Committee this week.

Other bills before the legislature would award grants to school districts for programs to prevent bullying and to establish a statewide safety and prevention system.


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