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Council approves changes for Pendleton Heights

Duplexes at Pendleton Heights Neighborhood

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton City Council has approved some changes in its agreement with Pendleton Heights developer Saj Jivanjee. City Manager Robb Corbett said that the development has had problems, but the council feels a commitment to Jivanjee because he was the first to develop large-scale new housing in the city.

“We needed somebody to believe enough in Pendleton to come here and start the ball rolling, knowing that the housing market was stronger than the banks believed it was,” Corbett says.

Jivanjee has built duplexes at Pendleton Heights on Tutuilla Road. He has one thing left to build – a 100-unit apartment building. Corbett says the changes in the agreement will allow him to get started on that final piece of the subdivision. The changes, he said, are not major.

“We will donate the property to the project, and we will pay for half of the public road, because that public road is adjacent to city-owned property,” Corbett said.

The money being spent will be made up by the increase in property taxes, the economic value of having more residents living in the city, and the boost it will give companies who are seeking workers, but are handicapped because prospective employees can’t find housing.


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