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Pot tax totals are hard to predict

PENDLETON, Oregon – The city of Pendleton got more than $240,000 in 2018 from marijuana taxes. Mayor John Turner says the marijuana profits will help with potholes.

“We put $100,000 extra from marijuana tax money into our streets in 2018,” Turner said.

City officials agree that it’s difficult to forecast expected marijuana revenue.

“We just don’t know,” Turner said. “Salem collects that money and we don’t get regular reports on it, so we’re not going to add a bunch to the budget.”

The amount of tax that’s collected varies depends on the amount of sales. Tax payments are made to the Oregon Department of Revenue by the business owner. The proper percentage is then issued to the cities that allow marijuana businesses to operate from the DOR. The state tax rate is set at 17 percent. Cities and counties can add up to three percent more.


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