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Another smash and grab in College Place

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – Once again, a thief took advantage of a purse left behind in a car. College Place police say the theft was reported around 7:24 a.m. Thursday on the 200 block of NW B Street.

The thief smashed the rear passenger side window of the vehicle in order to get inside and grab the purse. On Tuesday, two cars parked along Academy Way were also had windows smashed in and purses left in the vehicles were taken.

“Car prowls continue to be a problem in our city,” Chief Troy Tomaras said. “If you are a victim of car prowl please report it immediately to the police department.”

Tomaras added you can help us reduce instances of car prowls by implementing the following strategies:

1)      Lock your vehicle and remove all valuables.

2)      Make your vehicle less appealing by removing contents from eyesight.

3)      Park in well-lit and heavily-traveled areas.

4)      Avoid placing items in trunk after parking. Someone could be watching for opportunities. Plan your storage of items ahead of time.

5)      Use a car alarm.

6)      Park in areas with video surveillance systems.

7)      Keep vehicle within a secured garage while at home if possible.


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