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Shafer has an open-door policy

Umatilla County Commissioner John Shafer

UMATILLA COUNTY, Oregon – The county’s newest commissioner says some cities have been forgotten by the Board of Commissioners in recent years. He aims to fix that.

“One of the things I want to do is bridge relationships with different communities that have kind of been forgotten about,” he said. “I was elected by the people of Umatilla County, not just one portion of it.”

One of those cities is just north of Athena, which is Shafer’s hometown.

“Milton-Freewater is high on my list,” he said. “I want to make sure that I get into a good working relationship with the folks up in the Milton-Freewater area.”

Shafer said that he campaigned that he would be accessible, and he means it. He says anyone who wants to discuss county issues is welcome to call him. His direct telephone number is (541) 278-6203. Shafer has already begun holding regular office hours in Milton-Freewater as well.


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