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Parade permit fee moved to a workshop

Westward Ho! Parade would be exempt if city adopts a parade permit fee. Photo via Pendleton Round-Up

PENDLETON, Oregon – A proposal to charge a fee of up to $1,500 for a parade permit in Pendleton will be the topic of a workshop before the Pendleton City Council.

City Manager Robb Corbett says the permit fee is not to curtail free speech. It’s an attempt to make ends meet.

“If an organization comes in and they want to do a parade and they want to go down Main Street, there’s a significant cost to the city to be able to shut that off and control those intersections,” Corbett said.

The intersections Corbett refers to are Court, Dorion, Emigrant and Frazer avenues, which are all state highways.

“There are numerous requests each month,” Corbett said. “We try to direct these requests to areas that are less impactful (sic), so that there doesn’t demand so much of a resource from the city.”

That includes the Main Street Cowboys Dress-Up Parade, the Westward Ho! Parade, the Little League Parade and the Fourth of July Parade.

After the council holds a workshop to discuss the proposal, if it decides to proceed a public hearing would have to be held before the fee can be subject to a vote.



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