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WA governor to pardon misdemeanor marijuana convictions

Gov. Jay Inslee

SEATAC, Washington – Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced his marijuana injustice initiative Friday at the annual Cannabis Alliance conference in SeaTac, south of Seattle.

Inslee, a Democrat, wants to provide pardons for certain individuals who have convictions on their record for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

“We shouldn’t be punishing people for something that is no longer illegal in Washington state. It is time to end marijuana injustice in our state,” Inslee said.

To meet the criteria this has to be a person’s only misdemeanor conviction on their record in the state of Washington.  Inslee said they need to fill out an online form, he will pardon the conviction and it will be removed.  It will also be removed from the public database for any purpose such as finding a job or buying a home.


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