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Emailed bomb threats even felt in Walla Walla

A wave of emailed bomb threats swept through the United States and Canada beginning around 11 a.m. Thursday causing evacuations and taxing law enforcement agencies. The communications were described as being awkwardly worded and demanding cryptocurrency from the recipients.

Numerous threats were received throughout Oregon and Washington state – including two that were reported to the Walla Walla Police Department.

The WWPD received information from the Washington State Fusion Center that this scam is making its way through the nation and they believe that it is an attempt to obtain funds via cryptocurrency. Everything from businesses, government agencies, media outlets, and personal email accounts have been targeted.

The WWPD advises that if you receive one of these emails do not open any attachments, do not click on any links, and do not transfer funds to the specified cryptocurrency account.

Cities receiving bomb threats in addition to Walla Walla include Kennewick, Portland, Washington, D.C., New York, Detroit and Calgary, Alberta, just to name a few. The FBI is investigating.


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