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Eighth Street Bridge rebuild is behind schedule

The old Eighth Street Bridge is going, going, gone.

PENDLETON, Oregon – Trusses for the new Eighth Street Bridge should be in place by tomorrow. Pendleton Public Works Director Bob Patterson said the race is on to get the in-stream work done before the deadline, which is in place so construction doesn’t interfere with fish migration.

“The in-water work window for this project was extended to Oct. 21,” Patterson said. “They have until then to get all their work completed and their equipment pulled out.”

Patterson is excited about the removal of the old bridge’s support structure and the new one that will be built.

“That new steel structure is double the width of the old structure,” he said. “It’s going to be pretty cool to see that progression this fall and winter.”

Patterson said the project is lagging behind the schedule, but there will be opportunities to make up the delays if the weather cooperates.

“I guarantee the bridge will open next year,” he said.


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