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Roberts hopes legislature tweaks pot laws

PENDLETON, Oregon – Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts is hoping the Oregon Legislature makes some changes to recreational marijuana laws. He says the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, charged with licensing and enforcing, is overwhelmed by a backlog. He also worries about the surplus of marijuana being produced and the likelihood of it entering the black market.

“Surplus issues have driven prices down and people aren’t making the money they were once making,” he said. “So, they’re having to do other things to try to balance the books, and some of those are unlawful.”

Roberts believes most of the problems faced today, could have been solved if the state had waited a little longer before legalizing recreational marijuana.

“It didn’t make anybody any richer that we started six months earlier than what the original plan was,” he said. “I think that, in that six months, it would have afforded the opportunity for more strategic thinking.”

Pendleton is the only city in Umatilla County where voters have approved retail marijuana outlets.


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