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It’s back to school for PSD teachers

Chris Fritsch via the Pendleton School District

PENDLETON, Oregon – While Pendleton public school students are out of school tomorrow, teachers will be working hard. Superintendent Chris Fritsch says Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Matt Yoshioka has created a day full of training based on a teacher survey of where they felt they needed help.

“We’ve created a day where we have a menu of different workshops that teachers and staff can attend that address some of those key areas,” Fritsch said.

There are numerous workshops as well as break-out sessions for more individualized training. Many of the sessions are being led by teachers in the district. The goal is to immediately offer the teachers the tools they need to solve current problems or concerns.

“What the teachers are asking for is, ‘Give me a couple of things that I can take back and on Monday morning I can implement a strategy that will help me work more efficiently and better with my kids,’” Fritsch said.

The sessions include improving student attendance, reading strategies, conscious discipline, working with students of poverty, and classroom management for tough kids.


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