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PSD to plan for the future

Michelle Jones

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton School District has received two grants from the Oregon Department of Education to fund two studies: one for long-range planning and the other for facilities planning. Director of Business Services Michelle Jones says the district is hiring Straightline Architects for the job.

“They’re originally out of Boise, Idaho, but they have a local office in La Grande,” she said. “They’ve been working with schools for over 16 years. They’ve worked with Pilot Rock, North Powder, South Wasco – so some of the other districts in Oregon.”

Even though the district is just wrapping up an industrious building project, Jones says that the long-range planning is still essential. Future state funds will depend on having the two studies in place. It’s a process in which the public will play an important role.

“We’ll get the ball rolling here shortly and have some community forums to talk about our long-range plan,” Jones said. “Then, they’ll be going around and assessing our facilities for everything from capacity to our electrical/mechanical systems.”

Straightline will turn in the reports in early December of next year. They are due to be turned over to the state by the end of that month.


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