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UPDATE: A wild ride through Lexington

Scene of the final crash on Marquardt Road in Lexington via Morrow County Sheriff’s Office

LEXINGTON, Oregon – Jesus Garcia, 23, of Echo may not be in jail, but he’s facing charges for three incidents Lexington earlier this month. Lt. Melissa Ross of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office says Garcia was cited and released on multiple charges resulting from three separate reckless driving incidents. The release was granted because Garcia needed surgery as a result of his alleged actions.

The sheriff’s office first learned of the series of incidents early in the morning of Sept. 7, when a resident on Marquardt Road reported a vehicle ran into their house. They responded, and emergency workers transported Garcia to the hospital.

Then, at 6:37 a.m., the dispatch center received a call from Morrow County Grain Growers in Lexington that someone had driven through their gates, hit a parked car, and left the license plate from the vehicle they were driving. The plate matched the vehicle involved in the Marquardt Road residence.

It didn’t stop there. Dispatch got a call at 6:54 that a vehicle drove up and through a residence at 350 West Clay Street in Lexington just prior to 2:30 a.m. The caller, who did not live at the address, said the vehicle then headed in the direction of Hermiston.

The Morrow County Sheriff’s Office determined that Garcia is the suspect in all three incidents. District Attorney Justin Nelson says he plans on presenting the case to a grand jury once the investigations are completed and have been turned over to his office.

“I would like to review the investigation and get charges filed as soon as possible,” Nelson stated in an email.


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