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City to meet with WSDOT to discuss reduced speeds on Hwy 125

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington — The safety of Highway 125 from the Oregon border all the way into town where it becomes 9th Avenue, has been an ongoing conversation, and the city of College Place is taking action.

A resolution has been sent to the Washington Department of Transportation, asking that the speed limit be lowered where Highway 125 goes through College Place. The city cites urbanization and recent fatal and injury accidents as their reasoning for the request.

“We will begin meeting with WSDOT representatives next week to begin conversations,” says College Place City Administrator Mike Rizitiello.

College Place Police Chief Troy Tomaras told us earlier this month that according to WSDOT, approximately 18,000 cars go through the intersection in front of Walmart per day. At the Myra Road intersection with Hwy 125, approximately 12,000 cars go through per day.

“There’s a lot of traffic that comes in and out of Walla Walla from Milton-Freewater, Oregon area and also the Tri-Cities. There are people that make that daily commute for work,” says Tomaras. “Traffic in our state is up 30 percent and we’re going to be impacted by that.”




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