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Weekend winds should bring needed relief to deteriorating air quality

WASHINGTON — The Washington Department of Ecology writes on their blog that not a single monitor is showing good air anywhere east of the Cascades. With not a lot of wind movement between now and Friday evening, smoke will keep accumulating statewide until then …and fires are expected to grow.

Eastern Washington will keep seeing deteriorating air conditions through early Saturday morning, while western Washington will see moderate air through Friday evening.

A cold front will bring a likely windy and cooler weekend in eastern Washington, reducing smoke accumulation in most areas but also worsening fire spread.

For those traveling, expect good air in most of Western WA this weekend.

By early next week, still conditions are likely to return, ushering a return to smoke similar to what we’ve endured this week. A series of new fires in central British Columbia are producing a lot more smoke. Wind flows by Monday might start moving some of that smoke toward Washington.



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