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Superintendent impressed by workers on hot days

MILTON-FREEWATER, Oregon — Despite the dangerously hot temperatures, construction continues on new building and improvements in the Milton-Freewater School District. Superintendent Rob Clark says he took a tour of the facilities and was impressed by the construction workers going about their jobs.

“I’m walking around the school and sweating like a dog,” Clark says. “(And) they’re working their tails off.”

Clark says he feels for the workers, because he knows they can’t take time off — not with the first day of school staring them down on Sept. 4. Before the school year begins, they plan to have completed a new H-VAC system at McLoughlin High School, including removing the old system from the roof and removing the boiler system; and the brand new Gib Olinger Elementary School. Despite the heat, construction is on schedule.

Clark says you can pay for the repairs, but “you can’t buy time” to get it done.


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