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Alleged bison bully remanded to jail

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyoming – Raymond Reinke, 55, of Pendleton will have to stay in jail until his trial for harassing a bison in the park and other illegal acts. He pleaded not guilty to five charges stemming from several encounters with National Park Service law enforcement.

Screen shot of bison bully via Facebook.

The encounters occurred at Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Glacier national parks. Video of him allegedly harassing a bison in Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley gained widespread attention on social media. They include charges for being drunk and disorderly. He was also cited for failing to wear a seat belt.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that U.S. Magistrate Mark Carman refused to allow Reinke to be released on bond. He cited the defendant’s extensive criminal history in Oregon and Washington state as one reason for the move. He also pointed out that when Reinke was taken into custody for the incident at Grand Teton, his release was allowed on $500 bond. That release was contingent on him agreeing to obey the law in national parks. The trial is scheduled for Aug. 23.


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