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Graduation rates vary widely

PORTLAND, Oregon – Oregon’s four-year high school graduation rates average out to be lower than many states in the union. The state does have stringent graduation requirements compared to other states, but the percentage of fourth-year students receiving high school diplomas varies widely among the many school districts.

The Oregonian crunched the numbers for middle and large high schools. It determined the best graduation rate in the state is at 97.9 percent at Henley High School in Klamath Falls.

Pendleton High School, with a graduation rate of 94.7 percent, is 10th on the list of the best districts, and is the highest among the middle and large high schools that were considered in Eastern Oregon.

Hermiston’s graduation rate is 72 percent, but that’s nowhere near the worst on the list. Roberts High School in the Salem-Keizer School District has a 10.7 graduation rate. It should be noted that RHS is a nontraditional high school consisting of several branch sites throughout the district instead of a centralized campus.


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