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Drivers must stop at new four-way intersection

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington — The new four-way stop went into full effect this week at the intersection of 12th and Larch in College Place. However, the problematic intersection has been a two-way stop for so long, it’s been a tough adjustment for drivers. Nonetheless, the lights are flashing red — you have to stop at the new sign on 12th to avoid accidents.

“A number of people seem to be unable to see the two warning signs and the flashing red and have gone through the intersection without thinking,” says College Place Mayor Harvey Crowder. “We had one within ten minutes of activating the stop signs. The police chief was there with his lights on and pulled them over right quickly.”

Crowder says they’ll worry about ticketing drivers later. Right now, they’re focused on educating residents by issuing warnings …for now.


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