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Hammonds attorney confirms they’re considering a lawsuit

Philpot. Photo via Wikipedia.

BURNS, Oregon — The battle between Steve and Dwight Hammond who were pardoned by President Trump, and the federal government, may not be over. Steve and Dwight Hammond fought against the BLM over grazing rights.

Their attorney, J. Morgan Philpot, who is a former Utah representative, says while legislative efforts are underway to bring change, the Hammonds are considering legal action.

“One of the things that they don’t want to see is a continual persecution and overzealousness of western ranching families,” says Philpot. “I’m an attorney. When it comes to helping people like the Hammond family, I look at legal ways to help them through the judicial process, and I think that’s why we’re looking at a potential civil action on their behalf.”

Philpot continued to say that the federal government has been treating ranchers negatively for a long time.

The dispute between the Hammonds and the Bureau of Land Management, along with the arson they were convicted of setting, was the basis for the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. THat effort was led by Ammon Bundy, who’s father has long fought against the federal government over grazing rights.


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