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Dry conditions worsen in the West

White is normal, yellow is abnormally dry, tan is moderate drought, orange is severe, red is extreme, and maroon is exceptional drought.

PENDLETON, Oregon – Most of Oregon and Western Washington state range from abnormally dry conditions to full-fledged droughts. The National Integrated Drought Information System says that 99 percent of Oregon’s population is impacted. National Weather Service Hydrologist Marilyn Lohmann says it hit the side of the state more accustomed to rainfall the hardest.

“We had that really warm and dry May, and that was especially evident on the west side of the Cascades even more than we had on the east,” she said. “We actually had a little bit better precipitation.”

Of Oregon’s 36 counties, only Wallowa County shows up as having enough moisture throughout the area. Portions of Umatilla and Union counties and a tiny sliver of northeast Baker County also register as normal. A big chunk of southeastern Oregon is experiencing severe drought conditions while most of Oregon and parts of Washington are in either a moderate drought or abnormally dry conditions. The milder abnormally dry conditions have also been reported in the remaining parts of Umatilla, Union, and Walla Walla counties.


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